Aortic Root Z-Score Calculator

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Z-scores of the aortic root (aortic annulus, sinuses of Valsalva, sinotubular junction, and ascending aorta) are commonly reported for conditions such as Marfan syndrome, bicuspid aortic valve, and Kawasaki disease. This calculator consolidates the reporting of z-scores and reference ranges for the aortic root, based on numerous available publications. (Also see this page for reference values for adults.)

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A note about methods

The specific manner in which these measurements are obtained is of obvious importance. All of the references cited by this calculator preceded the publication of the 2010 ASE Guidelines. In spite of that fact, most of the references use the same technique:

  • measurements are made in systole, at the moment of maximum expansion
  • measurements are made from "inside edge-to-inside" edge, i.e., the intraluminal dimension
  • the aortic valve is measured from the hinge points (inner edges)
  • vascular measurements are made perpendicular to the long axis of the vessel

The reference data from Paris is performed using measurement techniques performed according to their interpretation of the then-current 2005 Guidelines:

  • vascular measurements are made at end-diastole
  • measurements are made from "leading edge-to-leading edge"

Thus, the available references cited herein are not entirely comparable based on their dissimilar methodolgies.